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 Halo Reach: Beta

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Alex R.

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PostSubject: Halo Reach: Beta   Wed May 26, 2010 8:55 am

So FINALLY, the Beta is out for Halo:Reach and first off I know there's sruely some CoD fanboys here but hopefully you're mature enough to not ***** about these things.
I have only been playing for like 30 mins (not even on my xbox) so I can't that much but I think I have quite a bit to review what I think so enjoy ^_^ [Can't talk about the story since that's campaign]

The game is crisp and clear and can only get better with the final production. The game has been designed on a new game engine to that of Halo 3 and ODST, and it really is stunning. Bungie had said compared to Halo 3 they have million more polgonzzz to use meaning nicer character, weapon and landscape design. Spartans have gotten a new armour upgrade and elites look like absolute monsters, Bungie really gave them a reason to be feared standing taller than ever before (though SII are meant to be shorter all round).

Bungie has tweaked game play not by enough to feel like a completely new game but by enough that you do have to get use to the controls, with the absence of equipment.
Button layout has taken a whole new format, dont fret there is the old setting still in place but it's default is on some weird funk. But as far as gameplay it's definitely feels like a Halo game and it's pretty solid for now. I haven't done anything that finicky yet, but we'll just have to wait till the later gamemodes come out.
The armour lock abilities really add a whole new dimension to the game, before when you picked up active camo you, it would activate on the spot here you are given the choice of when to use it, adding a strategic feel to the game.
However some the weapons do feel a little weak or too strong, definitely the grenades are much more powerful compared to the Halo 3 grenades. And the DMR doesn't feel as powerful as a BRifle did.
The beatdown cooldown seems to be also be shorter than before, you can easily do two beatdowns in less time than it takes to chuck a grenade.

Ahhh the music,There isn't anything that epic at the moment since it is just a beta but there are little bits we'll just have to wait till the full game comes out, but Bungie has always been known for having a great soundtrack with most of the Original Sound Track being composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori so we know we aren't going to be bleeding from the ears.

By far my favourite at the moment would have to be stockpile and headhunter, its new and fresh and feels like Bungie actually thought about it. as quoted by a Machinima employee "Stockpile is CTF on crack". But I think people should definitely hold out for invasion it looks ****** epic and looks like a lot of lulz could come out of it.

So overall I would give (and being a Halo fan) a solid 8/10 with some game tweaks they will have a great game on their hands, Old Halo 1 fans will love it for the nostaliga Halo fans in general will love it just for the title and new halo fans will love the whole backstory of it.

There are more things I would like to talk about but I want to try and keep this short and head back on ^_^ So enjoy and here are some screenshots from bungie

My GT is: NaKAh170 and I hope to see you on the battlefield *runs off*

One more thing, Haters gonna be hating~

Click here for screen shots
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Halo Reach: Beta
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